G. Scott Lacy

G. Scott Lacy will be accepting students for coaching during a limited period from 

MARCH 26-APRIL 13, 2018

Please email Mr. Lacy at gscottlacy@gmail.com if you'd like coachings during this time.

Mr. Lacy also recommends the follow vocal coaches to all those who are looking for a teacher similar to his approach and style.

Molly Mahoney - Voice Teacher



Sergey Khalikulov - Voice Teacher


Mr. Lacy's philosophy is to coach each singer as an individual. He does not "re-create" sound, but helps the client find their own voice. Mr. Lacy believes in coaching in a safe and supportive environment and encouraging his clients to take risks and find the joy in singing!



Praise for G. Scott Lacy:

"I first met Scott when he musically directed a production of The Secret Garden where I played Colin Craven. Being older now, I have come to understand Scott's love for other artists. He helped me grow up as a actor, singer and a young man. Scott is an invaluable piece to the process of making a musical or play come to life. Technically he is a genius; the piano is one of his best friends and as a singer he understands how healthy sound should be made, all while embracing the uniqueness of each individual. I have found that most teachers in the arts want their students to "fix it" but Scott gives time for the work to progress, this progression helps the lessons to become habitual and part of the song or performance. Looking back on our lessons I realize that it truly is a dialogue for Scott; he trust that his students can learn to make decisions for themselves and the knowledge he has will only serve to empower those decisions. Scotts love for the theatre is so unselfish and true that teaching for him becomes a celebration. I cant imagine my life as a actor or a young man without Scott's unconditional support."

Luke Marinkovich (Broadway's "The Bridges Of Madison County")

"I met Scott Lacy during a summer program at the La Jolla Playhouse a few years back. I was immediately drawn to Scott for his wealth of knowledge , love of music/theatre and incredible talent. He imparted his wisdom and lovingly and supportingly, encouraging his students, including me, to be attentive to detail while having fun. ( what a concept!). He is gentle and fully capable of getting his point across to help an artist grow and succeed. I remember being honored to have him invite me to have a voice lesson free of charge. WOW! His students constantly were over because of his non-judgemental persona, allowing them to open up to him. Last and certainly not least, I want to say something about his immense talent. I remember he recorded himself singing the song he had given me to sing, "New Words." He both played and sang. His voice is perhaps one of the most beautiful I have heard, sweet, powerful, and sensual I remember playing the tape over and over in the car. Everybody, rise."

Benjamin Lopez, private student (Alumni, New York University)